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Sleep Problems and Their Effects on Senior Health


For people under senior care in Indiana, sleep is equally essential as diet and exercise. Poor sleep may cause an increased risk of several conditions and diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and depression. Seniors may experience a lack of sleep, difficulty having continuous sleep, or waking up too early.

Here are some sleep issues in seniors that may require occasional care or long-term care:

  • Memory issues
    During sleep, the human brain forms connections that help you process and remember new information. Lack of sleep can negatively impact both short and long-term memory.
  • Risk for diabetes and high blood pressure
    Poor sleep affects your body’s release of insulin. Older people who don’t get enough sleep have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Some studies show that older adults with less than five hours of sleep increase blood pressure and raise the risk of death.
  • Mood changes
    Chronic sleep deprivation can seriously affect a senior’s mood, he can be too emotional and quick-tempered and lead to anxiety or depression. When this persists, it can increase the risk of depression. Homemaker services can help make your senior’s room cozy and comfortable.
  • Poor balance
    Disturbed sleep, trouble staying asleep, or changes in sleep patterns can affect a senior’s balance and coordination, making them more prone to falls and other physical accidents. And they may require home care services in Northwest Indiana for mobility assistance and safety precautions.

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