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Proper Ways to Help Seniors and Those with Disabilities


Just like the rest of people, seniors and people with disabilities need boundaries, even under home care services in Northwest Indiana. Not all people are comfortable getting intimate help, as it can be uncomfortable.

We at MORALITY HOME CARE have been providing senior care in Indiana. Not all clients feel comfortable with receiving intimate help. Thankfully, we have gathered tips on how to properly help seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Ask if it is okay to touch them.
    Some activities require touching, such as attendant care services, lifting, bathing, and more. Sometimes, it can be uncomfortable for them to receive such help. Thus, it is always a must to ask permission first.
  • Communicate easier.
    Seniors and people with disabilities may be more comfortable with clear and easy communication. For instance, you’re planning to do light housekeeping, but your loved one is inside the room. You can tell them that you will have to organize the room first, and you need to transfer them to another room comfortably for a couple of minutes.
  • Assure them.
    Assurance helps them feel safe and secure. Even when they are alone, they will know you are always there for them in case they need immediate help.

Taking care of seniors and people with disabilities is not easy. However, we are here to help by providing various services, such as companion care services. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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