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Preventing Falls at Home in the Elderly


As one of the leading providers of senior care in Indiana, we are proud experts when it comes to senior care.

Here are our highly recommended solutions to preventing falls at home:

  • Do regular light housekeeping to maintain your home’s cleanliness.
    There should be no tripping hazards present anywhere on the floor, and clutter must be tucked away, so you don’t accidentally trip on them. A messy home is a call of disaster.
  • Engage in physical activity regularly to help you maintain your balance and strength.
    These are important parts of our physical condition that can prevent us from falling. So, find time to exercise each day and eat foods that are good for your health.
  • Your home’s lighting is key to helping you see clearly, especially during the night.
    So, make sure that lighting is adequate in all areas of the house. Concerning this, keep your prescription eyewear updated and have your eyes checked regularly.
  • Keep your cupboards, shelves, drawers, and cabinets organized.
    More than the aesthetic value, we highly recommend placing your essentials within arm’s reach. They shouldn’t be too high or too low for you to grab.

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