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Making Hygiene Care Easier for Alzheimer’s Patients


The Alzheimer’s Association reports that non-medical assistance, such as hygiene care for someone with Alzheimer’s, is the most common challenge for a variety of reasons like a decreased sense of vision and smell, the challenges of bathing, cognitive impairment, and confusion, fear of falling, the noises and feelings associated with the water, and more.

Cajoling, disputing, and logical reasoning are rarely effective methods for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Instead, if your loved one is resistant to hygiene care, try these novel approaches:

  • Arrange the bathroom ahead of time so that it is comfortable and you are not juggling collecting supplies while aiding your senior loved one. A shower chair and hand-held sprayer can often make showering more relaxing for people with dementia. To keep your elderly loved one warm and avoid feelings of exposure, position the chair away from the faucet and use towels to cover up regions of the body before and after they bathe.
  • If either of you finds hair washing tough, skip it during bath time, and schedule weekly trips to the salon. Bring in the advice of a physician, who may advise the senior on the increased risk of infection or skin problems due to poor hygiene. Hearing from a reputable third party has greater weight than hearing from a relative. Engage the services of a caregiver, giving your senior loved one the respect of having their personal care in Northwest Indiana, met by a professional rather than a family member.

Each of our caregivers at MORALITY HOME CARE is trained in safe hygiene practices for older adults, specifically to assist individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. We also have Light Housekeeping services.

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