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Living with Arthritis: Care Tips at Home


There are good and bad days when dealing with arthritis at home, but your senior loved one does not need to be alone in enduring such a condition. Care management can help alleviate their pain and achieve the quality of life that they dream of.

Managing the condition starts with managing oneself. There are different strategies the patient can learn to manage their condition. Pain management can be done through medication or physical therapy. Planning out engaging activities can improve the standards of living.

Staying active on top of arthritis may sound difficult but this can be done. The healthier a person is, the more equipped they are to manage health issues. Staying active can help manage the pain and improve the senior’s overall wellness.

Another part of staying healthy is to maintain or achieve the suggested weight. A heavy body burdens the bones and muscles. This can be avoided or reduced when the weight hits the ideal range.

Living with arthritis may require assistance for routine activities, but the senior can remain independent and safe with proper guidance.

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