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How to Prepare Your Home for a Senior Parent


Our homes can get relatively stationary compared with our needs and, naturally, we outgrow our homes. For seniors, making a home work for them is essential. The elder members of the family may face health issues or mobility concerns that need some adjustments to the environment they live in.

While our Personal Care in Northwest Indiana, can assist with grooming, personal hygiene, and other activities, a care provider can only give their best while being supported by the right environment. The home plays an important role in ensuring the aging loved one is comfortable and safe.

Here are some preparatory items to consider.

  • Improve safety in the bathroom with no-slip strips, grab bars, and within-reach bath products.
  • Enhance accessibility by choosing lever handles over standard doorknobs.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents by applying nonslip wax on floors and nonskid treads on the steps.
  • Remove any clutter and organize every item in its location.
  • Try some smart devices such as alarms or voice-activated speakers.
Learn more ways to prepare your home for an aging parent through our Senior Resources. Our Homemaker Services can also help you maintain a quality living environment for your loved one. If a senior needs someone by their side, our Companion Care Services can take care of that. Get more solutions at MORALITY HOME CARE Schedule an appointment with us today.
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