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Barriers to Meeting Nutritional Needs


Seniors can be prone to various diseases when they lack nutrition. Older adults who do not meet their nutritional requirements are more likely to have health complications and extended hospitalizations and companion care services than those who do.

And this means higher costs for individuals and health systems alike and a need for continuous attendant care services.

What are the barriers to attaining good nutrition?

  • Gastrointestinal Problems
    Excessive gas, acid reflux, and other issues in the stomach and intestines can deter seniors from foods that trigger these symptoms.
  • Dental Problems
    Painful teeth and gums can develop and cause discomfort, discouraging people from eating. They may need proper personal care in Northwest Indiana to address oral health issues.
  • Swallowing Problems
    As mouth and throat muscles weaken with age, swallowing problems or dysphagia can make eating certain foods, like meats and fresh vegetables, very difficult.
  • Loss of Appetite
    Appetite loss can occur due to changing taste buds (sweet and salty foods can get harder to taste) or as a side effect of certain medications. Diminishing taste and smell can contribute to general dissatisfaction with eating.

Do not hesitate to get non-medical assistance to help your seniors attain optimal wellness. You should know how home care improves the quality of life. So call MORALITY HOME CARE for assistance now!

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